start and end

a circle has no beginning and no end,
what a nice answer Luna Lovegood gave to the birth and death of a phoenix.

Its been a long while since I typed a blog entry. Here’s a little about me:

I like reading books since it gives me exposure to new ideas, whilst the action of reading makes me feel like I am spending my time meaningfully(which is probably the case).

Provocative thoughts bring not just enrichment to this brain of mine – I hope to not absorb like a sponge but to be more like a grater, to be finely refined and have an opinion of my own, which I already have.

Alas, I am looking for informed opinions, not entitled ones. But I guess both opinions work, just that one would matter more and the other less. I hope this journey with a greater connection with the internet will be fruitful and further open up my world. Gosh, I sound like a country pumpkin and a frog under the well. Broaden up my myopic vision in this city of buildings and limited space with unobstructed view.

lover of shadows and questions


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